Environmentally Engineering Solutions.

Think about your current operational processes.

Now, re-imagine your processes but this time, incorporate and visualise a bespoke DRB-engineered recycling system operating on your line.

Can you see the difference in your operations environmental footprint? It’s improved hasn’t it.

DRB Group are renowned for producing in-house and delivering on-site, environmentally-friendly heavy industrial processes to market leading customers since 1976. We remain committed to providing high-quality environmentally savvy processes to our customers that help limit and minimise physical impact to our planet.

We want to promote to all our customers that incorporating your sustainable strategies into your operational objectives excites our team into designing and manufacturing engineering solutions. Solutions that drive longevity on your production line, and hit those desired sustainable targets.

Our specialist teams of Engineers and Designers have the capabilities and expert knowledge to build and produce pioneering, environmentally friendly, and legal standard solutions to alleviate poor waste management standards and meet sustainable criteria’s within your industry.

We are at the forefront of providing innovative engineering solutions to improve waste management and recycling systems, filling in operational gaps that can enhance efficiency and follow the required environmental sustainable practises and standards that are heavily encouraged in production lines.



  • The DRB team designed and developed a 2-in-1 machine that contains two separate feeding systems. The shredder system accepts compressed blocks of small fibres and shreds this sparse material back onto the conveyer for customer line use. The second system we inputted was a bulk bag system that collects the crushed materials into a lead bag using a crane and drops it into the collection hopper.
  • To allow for the waste concentration to be accurately measured, we input weight sensors onto the lead bag to correctly weigh out the by-products evenly. When it comes to minimising waste pollution on the production line, it’s important that we made a system for our customers that measured the rate of waste distribution to accurately calculate the amount that was being shredded and collected per cycle.
  • The key advantage to this system for our customers would be that it increases their recycling habits and reduces unwanted waste by processing it for other uses. Not to mention that it improves the company’s environmentally sustainable practices and values.
  • This machine is customizable within reason and therefore can be designed for a range of manufacturing sectors. We can make it bespoke to suit the requirements and needs of your manufacturing operations.


  • Can recycle up to 700 tons of insulation waste per year to enable customers to achieve sustainability targets.
  • Process removes the compacted waste from either 0.5 ton bulk bags (FIBC’s) or stacked slabs and delivers shredded material back to the main plant at a controlled, steady rate.
  • Fully guarded safe operator access is provided for untying the bulk bags and inspection/maintenance purposes.
  • The dust waste recycling system comprises of 2 lifting beams and electric lifting trolley to suspend.
  • FIBC’s above the two hoppers. Once above the hoppers the dust was emptied into the loading screw conveyors below.
  • Pneumatic actuators would massage the FIBCs to dislodge any remaining material.
  • The dust waste is transported through the loading screw conveyors into the dust waste weigh screw conveyor to monitor the mass flow rate of the waste back into the production line.