Reverse engineering can be the perfect solution for issues with discontinued or hard to get hold of parts. Successful reverse engineering can prolong the lifespan of expensive machinery and lead to the repair or creation of parts for legacy machinery which is no longer supported by the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

At DRB we recently reverse engineered a pump impeller for a client which needed replacing in an obsolete model.

The OEM’s lead time for this item was 24 weeks but our skilled engineers were able to provide a much quicker more cost-effective solution. At DRB we designed, manufactured and fitted the required part in just 5 weeks.

This approach saved our customer over £5000 and significantly reduced the downtime of the pump.

It is often assumed that OEM parts, where available, are the quickest and most cost-effective option but in reality, at DRB we are often able to deliver bespoke parts even quicker as this recent example proved. With bespoke parts there is also the added advantage that they generally perform better over time.

For more information on the reverse engineering process and the benefits take a look at this article on LinkedIn posted by our Head of Engineering, Michael Halliday.

For enquiries regarding reverse engineering or any other projects we can help with give us a call on 01244 280280 to speak to an engineer.

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