The work of our team of valve specialists is varied and often extremely specialist, but almost every job they work on has one thing in common, turning the repair or refurbishment around quickly is a priority.

The team are currently working on a large butterfly valve, (a valve which isolates or regulates the flow of a fluid) for one of our customers in the chemical industry and, as always, a rapid turnaround is required.

The customer needs the valve fully functioning again to minimise any potential downtime, which could have a negative impact on their business.

Waiting for a replacement valve would inevitably result in downtime, so our engineers have tested and assessed the valve and come up with the most practical, cost effective and time saving solution.

With this particular valve our talented engineers are refurbishing the gearbox on top of the valve and fitting a new valve body. By just replacing the body of the valve and refurbishing everything else we are able to significantly reduce costs for our client and will have this vital piece of machinery up and running again quickly.

The whole process has been managed efficiently and has saved our client money and valuable time.

If you have any current jobs or are wondering how DRB could help with repairs or refurbishment then get in touch with our valve department to discuss your requirements.

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