Bespoke lime slaker replaces legacy equipment to reduce downtime


 DRB’s customer is a leader in environmental solutions that provide a comprehensive range of waste, water and energy management services. They operate a high temperature incinerator that processes approximately 100,000 tonnes of waste per year.

Part of their waste management process requires adding lime to the incinerated materials, reducing its acidity.

The customer approached DRB to replace one of their machines: a lime slaker that mixes quicklime powder with water to produce a slurry mix. This slurry mix is added to leftover material after the incineration process.

The bath-like machine is made up of two shafts that run the length of the bath. Attached to each shaft are paddles and finger-like scrapers that mix the solution and move it from one end of the bath to the other.

The unwanted heavier grit sinks to the bottom of the vessel and is removed via a chain conveyor. The lighter solution flows over a weir, neutralising the acidic incinerated material when the two are mixed.


Potential lengthy downtimes to a critical stage in the waste management process were a real business risk. Being a legacy machine, the lime slaker required on-going maintenance to keep it working. Procuring spare parts was a lengthy process because the OEM had left the UK market meaning spare parts were not readily available.


DRB spent time with the customer to fully understand the machine’s purpose. They then designed a new lime slaker to fully replace the ageing machine. During the redesign, the water flow control system was improved as well as its ability to use readily-available spare parts.


DRB’s technical intelligence and practical experience has helped the customer to achieve significant cost savings associated with reduced maintenance and downtime, as the new parts are UK-sourced, so any downtime can be more easily managed.

A true partnership between the customer and DRB meant they received a perfectly fit for purpose system, with additional improvements built in too.


Download the full case study here.

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