Veolia is a national leader in waste, water and energy management services designed to build the circular economy and preserve scarce raw materials. DRB already supports them with a full-time on-site maintenance programme. They approached DRB to further support them during one of their most challenging shut-down projects.

CHALLENGE: Following the installation of a new high temperature incinerator, the customer needed a way to perform annual maintenance in the safest way possible. Production downtime means lost revenue and so a system which met safety and time-saving objectives was key to the project’s success.

SOLUTION: DRB designed, manufactured, and installed a safety-critical lock-off system which acts like a brake. It prevents the kiln from auto-correcting its position under extreme weight imbalance. As well as this, DRB also designed, fabricated, and installed cooling pipework to prevent any hot spots occurring.

VALUE: DRB’s technical intelligence coupled with practical experience meant the customer got a safety-first solution that also incorporated time-saving features. Knowing and understanding a customer’s drivers means the most fit-for-purpose solution will be delivered.


We’ve worked with DRB Group for nearly 30 years. Their on-site team know us as well as we know ourselves and are highly dependable. When you work on a top tier COMAH site, having an engineering partner who really understands your challenges, with the commitment and expertise to help you succeed, is crucially important. That’s what we have with DRB.

Dave Phelan, General Manager, Veolia

Download the full case study here.

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