Application: Workpiece Manipulator Trolley

Our customers technicians were struggling to work on the electrical cam units. Firstly, there were multiple sides to this trolley and it was different for them to access, navigate and reach certain angles on the unit. Secondly the weight of it was nearly 100kg, they were in urgent need for a lighter unit for better ease of movement and operational use.

Using precise measurements and calculations, our team of designers and engineers worked out where the centre of gravity was on both electrical cams on the trolley, making sure its position is constantly centralised during our customers operation. It was also vital that we made sure the centralised gravity, cams and the overall drive of the trolley were combined to ensure free rotation. What made our solution even more bespoke was that designed the base of this trolley to be overall fit for daily purpose but also to allow to fit into certain constrained areas if lifted.

  • Allows a heavy workpiece to be easily rotated to give excellent access for a technician to work on.
  • Computer design analysis is used to calculate the exact centre of gravity of workpiece resulting in easy control of rotation.
  • Rotation has indexed stopping points allowing workpiece angle to be fixed as required.
  • Fully customisable method of mounting the workpiece.
  • Quick release of workpiece without tools possible for fast changeout times.
  • Rotation mechanism uses roller bearings resulting in very low effort needed to rotate workpiece.
  • Open frame design helps with good access to workpiece whilst maintaining a high support strength of the product.
  • Low rolling resistance castors complete with individual brakes enable the trolley to be easily moved and fixed in positioned as required.


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