Application: Reel Rotator

  • Allows a heavy reel of material to be rotated from vertical (as typically supplied on pallets) to horizontal orientations (as typically fed into production machines).
  • 180° rotation range can be indexed to any one of 3 positions including: 0°, 90° & 180°.
  • Customisable design to accommodate any reel size & weight.
  • FEA’d during design stage & physically load tested to ensure safe operation.
  • Can be adapted to for any lifting mechanism such as overhead crane (as shown), stacker truck, forklift truck etc.
  • No external power supply required (excluding overhead crane shown).
  • Low effort manual operation thanks to managed centre of gravity design in combination with low friction pivot bearings.
  • Hygienic & washdown compatible version available for food/pharmaceutical environments.


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