Application: Pharmaceutical Vial Transfer Unit

A local, well-respected customer from the pharmaceutical industry approached us and requested us to produce for them a brand-new bespoke aseptic transfer unit. They wanted to overcome the existing costly problems they were experiencing caused by their current version, problems such as human cross-contaminated vials and damaged unusable end-products resulting from unstable and exposed transit.

This manufacturer wanted an improved version of their product transportation unit that would limit human interaction and manual handling on the vials and reduce contamination. They also recognised the need for us to design an all-over protective guard and stable unit that would stop lost products from falling off the trolley which would be thrown away, a cost that we could easily help them avoid.

These trolleys are normally staged at the end of the production line, therefore, it was crucial for us to produce a suitable transportation system that would allow for the secure movement of finished medical products, which are then approved for tertiary use.

Our highly skilled team of designers and engineers developed an improved solution for the Pharmaceutical Vial Transfer Unit. All operational elements were now contained and separated from any external contact by developing full shielding around the trolley, avoiding manual interruption and potential hazard risks of cross-contamination.

With this solution, our customer can now reduce their end of line product damage, risk of contamination, and lower their rate of waste pollution. These long-term improvements are viable for a smoother and less damaging vial transportation process and its low effort manoeuvrability allows easy use for a single operator.

  • Battery-powered with a full days capacity for production process which also comes with Wi-Fi communication for fully wireless operation.
  • Independent emergency backup system and an automotive style intelligent charging system.
  • PLC controlled with touchscreen display.
  • Automated vial tray manipulation using electric actuators with obstruction detection.
  • Aseptic compliance for use in aseptic room conditions.
  • Integrated interchangeable HEPA filtration system with automatic air velocity control.


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