Effective plant maintenance significantly reduces operating costs, increases productivity, and reduces safety risks.

DRB Group understand and recognise the pressures and challenges faced by businesses to maintain an industry standard upkeep of plant and equipment to minimise downtime, which guarantee operational reliability and efficiency.

Our strong team of dedicated and highly skilled engineers can perform maintenance work to suit your business requirements – whether that’s having permanent staff at your site to assist your own maintenance teams with ongoing work or, delivering maintenance on an ad-hoc basis for large-scale projects or shutdowns.

We also have a set of preventative and predictive maintenance techniques and methods that can improve the operations of your plant’s efficiency. This requires a detailed review and in-depth analysis of your existing maintenance schedules and an on-site overview of how your site operates.

Mechanical Servicing & Repair

  • Industrial gearbox refurbishment
  • Machine repair & overhaul
  • Fan Unit & Blower refurbishment
  • Planned & preventative maintenance activity
  • Repair & service of hydraulic & pneumatic systems
  • Mechanical installations & relocations

Motor Repairs

  • Electrical rewind and mechanical overhaul of motors, generators, and alternators
  • Full mechanical overhaul and electrical rewind
  • Vibration analysis to identify motor problems
  • Baker Surge testing
  • Full load testing and dynamic balancing
  • Specification and supply of new motors, drives, and control systems

Valve Repair and Servicing

  • Quality repair and testing service for all types of process control and safety valves from small solenoid valves to large, motorised valves.
  • Full overhaul including mechanical parts and instrumentation
  • Testing and re-setting
  • Removal, reinstallation, and commissioning
  • Supply and setting of new valves from leading manufacturers
  • Extensive testing facilities for both fluids and gases, to ensure the valves are set and operating correctly.

Pump Servicing and Repair

  • Servicing and repair of industrial pumps including on-site repairs (using OEM parts)
  • Servicing/replacement of mechanical seals
  • Full installation service including pipework and laser alignment
  • Specification and supply of new pumps from leading manufacturers

All pumps are performance, pressure and leak tested using our vacuum and centrifugal test rigs as appropriate.

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