Application: Finger Spreader

Our customer came with a challenge yet again that we were excited and keen to take on, to help improve their overall production performance. We have previously made machinery improvements for our loyal customer, it’s great to see how high our customer retainment is for many of our engineering services here at DRB group. The previous project we made for them was so successful in improving their productivity, that they came back to us for more replacements and upgrades.

Upgrading their current system to a brand new and updated version meant they could now have a constant, continuous and uninterrupted cycle of the layered product on the dryer conveyor. With automated improvements, the spreader could now reduce its unwanted dried by-product, improving our customers waste pollution and hitting their environmental targets.

  • We have formulated and designed the movement of the finger spreader carriage to allow for even spread of product on the conveyor which can reduce anomalies, improve quantity count and overall drying performance.
  • A brand-new high-quality motor that allows for an automated height adjustment without the use of stopping and manual labour interruption.
  • The end of travel position sensors picks up the carriage positions movement which can then signal the carriage to change direction.


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