Application: Rotary Pressure Cooker Ancillary Drive System

Our customer required an automated cooker lid opening/closing mechanism without resorting to the use of conventional but unreliable electrical slewing rings. The existing design uses a low power linear actuator for opening and closing the lid in combination with separately powered sliding locking tabs used to apply the required forces to seal the lid.

The tabs currently fail to retract consistently meaning the mechanism must be manually released back into operation using a hammer every time the cooker is reloaded. The cause of this is believed to be due to wear and the existing design being intolerant to a dusty environment. A new design is required to fulfil the role of the existing design but without being inhibited by the dusty environment.

Our team of expert designers and engineers produced a constantly rotating cooker that could change the lid for the funnel after every cooking cycle. At the end of the cycle, the lid can be opened and all product can be drained out. Then place the rotating cooker back upright, making sure the lid was back at the top.

  • Custom designed mountings, housings & drivetrain with remote ancillary drive unit helps maintain low profile & weight of cooker.
  • High strength screw jack system provides up to 10 tons of lid closing force.
  • Failsafe braked transmission to ensure secure lid closure
  • IP66 & corrosion-resistant materials of construction for being both washdown & food hygiene compatible.
  • Full integration into existing vessels, lids & supporting structures to maintain cost-effectiveness.


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