Application: Chain Upgrade for Curing Oven

Glass fibre insulation is heated and compressed in a large oven, at 80°C. Our customer who operates in the mineral wool/glass wool industry used an application that had two conveyor chain systems with a series of slats fixed to each chain, to compress the insulation to the required finished thickness.

Previous chain suffered a short life of 2 years due to wear elongation, and roller wear. Lubrication is difficult due to temperature, access and risk of contamination. As the chain wear increases, product quality is affected due to an increased gap between the chain slats.

DRB Group supplied R 26152.4R-1LA2 with some special features; hard chromium plated pins, MoS2 lubrication between pin/bushing and bushing/roller, and accurately matched pairs in 6 pitch lengths.

We supplied sprockets with induction hardened teeth. This upgraded chain increased chain life to 6 years. We also supported the installation procedure to ensure chain alignment, in partnership with the sub-contracted installation team.

Added value for our customer included cost saving due to 3 times chain life, improved product quality, consistent performance allows planned maintenance and minimised downtime due to installation support.


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