Application: Crane Safety System Test Rig

Our customer who operates in the nuclear industry has a Gantry Crane incorporating a safety system to detect if the load being lifted becomes snagged, this could result in spillage from liquid containers.

The safety system utilises two level sensors fitted to the lifting grapple to detect if the load is tipped in either the X or Y plane.

The sensors need to be tested annually as part of the site’s health and safety requirements; therefore, the customer needs a piece of apparatus capable of safely simulating the tilt of the load due to snagging.

The apparatus needs to be capable of simulating two kinds of snagging scenarios for both to achieve the tilted angles.

This project just shows how DRB can find the best technical solution for a very specific and complex problem.

We updated the rig to allow it for testing both the snagged and ledged loads in the X and Y travelling planes. The Rig has now been designed to resist tilting at specific angles. Tilt frame (yellow part) is designed to fit existing automatic loading/unloading system. Base (red part) is filled with concrete to prevent the rig from sliding during testing.

  • Custom built to test overhead gantry crane safety systems
  • Crane is used to move nuclear fuel so correct operation of safety systems is critical to prevent spillage.
  • Rig can be easily transported by customer’s existing forklift truck.
  • Less than one month to complete from receipt of customer order.


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