Application: Briquette Slitting Saw

Our customers current briquette slitting saw was in a state of disrepair and did not function properly at all. They requested we made modifications to this current version, however with many of the components within the system not operating correctly, many of the logs still kept getting caught on the blade. DRB Group made the expert recommendation for our customer to have a brand-new designed, manufactured and on-site installed version. From concept to delivered product, each stage of the order was completed in-house on our DRB Group factory site.

DRB Group have designed and manufactured in-house a fully automated machine to integrates into their existing factory line to create slits in briquettes which allows end user to easily obtain amount of the correct amount of briquette required.

  • We have combined a saw motor power of 8kW enable processing rate of up to 17 briquettes per minute.
  • The modular design we have used allows the saw unit to be removed whilst the machine continues to operate as a standard transfer conveyor.
  • The entire machine can also be dismantled into easily transportable sections.
  • The frame housing features extraction port to suit existing inhouse extraction equipment to ensure optimum internal extraction air flow.
  • The electrical system includes start/stop control, emergency stops & adjustable overload protection.


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