Application: 5 Story Fire Escape Staircase

We were tasked to design, manufacture and install a 5-story fire escape in an old Mill building located in Leigh. The fire escape provides a save route in the event of a fire for the various tenants that will soon occupy the restored mill building. Upon completion of the project the customer awarded DRB with the project for the design, manufacture and installation of the Dry Riser pipework which was designed in line with BS9990 – Non automatic firefighting systems in buildings – Code of practice. During the quotation stage DRB Group highlighted various issues with client’s proposal that may have gone unnoticed causing delays later in the project.

  • To obtain accurate dimensions across all floors various 3D scans were taken on each floor and then stitched together to provide 3D data of the entire column where the staircase would occupy.
  • To negate the need for bracing lateral stability was achieved by securing all four columns to the existing structure at each floor. The fire escape staircase was designed in line with Building and Fire Safety Regulations Approved Document B.
  • Along with the relevant codes the system was also designed to be aesthetically pleasing and easy to install with the limited room available.
  • All side panels were prefabricated and labelled to ensure each panel could be easily identified so that the installation process was quick and straight forward.


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