New Investment at DRB Group.

Success demands efficiency and at DRB Group we focus on new and emerging technologies in order to expand our capabilities and thrive.

We are delighted to announce that we have invested in three cutting edge Doosan machines by the sole UK Distributor, Mills CNC. A Doosan VCF850LSR II Vertical Machining Centre, Doosan Puma 2600XY Turning Centre and a Doosan 3100XLY Turning Centre have now landed on the DRB site. We believe Doosan machines offer “best in class” performance combined with high productivity and exceptional accuracy.


New machinery adds a new dimension to our capabilities.

There is no doubt that the purchase of these machines will not only enable DRB Group to remain at the forefront of machining technology but will also give us greater flexibility and the ability to machine complex components.








They can eliminate costly fixtures and downtime.

The Doosan VCF850LSR II Vertical Machining Centre is a large capacity Vertical Machining Centre with a tilting B-axis head. Extremely versatile in its design, it allows for machining on multiple sides of a workpiece at once. The B-axis can rotate 110 degrees on either side of the vertical enabling it to machine large and complex parts in a single setup.


We are committed to continuous improvement to meet industrial demands.

It was a natural progression for us to look at investing in new machinery to satisfy the needs of our current customers as well as to provide us with the capability to enter more diverse industry sectors.


The Doosan Puma 2600XY and 3100XLY Turning Centres are powerful, high performing systems.

They are designed for heavy, intermittent machining with high production accuracy and premium surface finishes. With an integrated Y-axis and integral drive spindles, we can now handle parts from beginning to end on one machine without the need of taking the part to another machine for additional work.