At DRB we are committed to making changes to improve the impact we have on the environment.  Often when we look at how we can make a difference the focus is on business processes or largescale technical changes which will save energy or reduce waste. However, sometimes there are simple, straightforward things that we can all do that don’t require clever engineering solutions or a major change to systems and business processes.

At DRB we recently made one of these straightforward changes. We have dispensed with disposable, plastic cups across our 6.5 acre site. Now when one of our team heads for the vending machine for a drink, instead of a single use cup they take their own mug with them.

It may seem like a small change but with over 100 tea and coffee drinking employees on site we are sure it will make a significant difference over time.

We are always looking for ways to operate more sustainably. If you have ideas or suggestions for simple changes, we could implement then why not share them with us. We’d love top hear your ideas.

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