wp_head(); DRB Group makes waves at Surf Snowdonia - DRB Group

DRB was part of the maintenance team for the wave machine at the world’s first artificial surfing lake at Adventure Parc Snowdonia in the Conwy valley.

Based on the site of a former aluminium processing plant in North Wales, the six-million-gallon artificial wave pool was drained over winter for essential maintenance.

DRB looks after the 17-tonne, 2MW motor that powers the world’s longest man-made wave.

Matt Jones is DRB’s electrical engineer who carried out the work. He said: “The motor that runs the wave machine is housed in a room in the middle of the lake. It’s the biggest motor I’ve worked on and is definitely one of the most interesting locations I’ve been to!”

DRB inspected and Baker Surge tested each of the eight windings in the motor. There are eight so that should one winding fail the motor will keep working. This type of motor is used on cable cars and ski lifts because of its reliability, which is an important aspect for the UK’s only guaranteed surf break.

Philip Duffy, site engineer for Adventure Parc Snowdonia, said: “We chose to work with DRB Group because of their reputation. Reliability is essential for us because of what we do and our location.”

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