Food & Beverage

DRB is a trusted partner to the food and beverage industry.

  • Do you need to modifying existing equipment to increase packing speeds?
  • Have you considered improving dosage accuracy to eliminate waste and reduce costs?
  • Do you need to replace or refurb discontinued components to maintain your existing process?
  • Is downtime causing you issues?

For more than 40 years, food and beverage manufactures have trusted DRB to support their maintenance, project, and operational teams to keep their critical plant running efficiently.

We are cereal roll specialists. DRB have proven experience of extending the life cycle of cereal rolls in operation by designing and manufacturing new, with varying dimensions and outer skins.

If your existing plant could benefit from refurbishment to increase throughput, DRB is experienced in reverse-engineering discontinued components and adapting existing setups.

By designing critical packaging equipment that increase capacity, improve dosing accuracy, and reduce overall manufacturing costs, we have been there to support our customers.

DRB Customers Food and Beverage

A typical project makes use of all DRB’s in-house capabilities, from design through manufacturing to commissioning. The benefit of this is a completely bespoke, fit-for-purpose solution to meet your requirements and challenge.

Clients also benefit from our preventative and predictive maintenance on all processing and manufacturing equipment. This flags potential future risk to your existing plant and helps keep new equipment working efficiently.

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