Energy, POwer & Utilities

DRB Group is a trusted partner to energy, power, and utilities industries.

  • If you need new plant designing, or existing equipment adapting, we’ve done it.
  • If you need to integrate old with new, we’ll do it.
  • If you need to improve your production process but aren’t sure how, we will design it.

DRB Group provides critical engineering support to utilities, energy and power-generation companies.

Our services in the energy and utilities sector cover all aspects of maintenance and engineering including:
• long term agreements to service valves
• supply of spares kits
• uplift, repair and re-delivery of electric motors to pumping stations
• fabrication of frameworks, walkways and other light steelwork.

DRB’s clients benefit from our team’s depth of knowledge and our comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical engineering services.

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