a trusted partner for processing, production, and heavy industry in the north west.

We Deliver

We strive to exceed customer expectations for quality, safety, sustainability, cost, delivery, and value. Customer needs are paramount and represent the highest priority within our business. We shall proactively seek out and define customer needs, while addressing all requests expeditiously without creating false expectations.

Have you considered reducing manual operations to eliminate deficiencies and improve safety?

Do you need to replace or refurbish discontinued components to maintain your existing process?

Would you like to increase capacity on your production lines?

Is downtime causing you and your business production issues?

When you demand experience, attention to detail, and innovation, DRB delivers.
For more than 40 years, key industry manufactures have trusted DRB to support their maintenance, project, and operational teams to keep their critical plant running efficiently.

We support maintenance, project, and operational teams to develop bespoke solutions for new and existing systems to keep critical plants running efficiently.
Our variety of in-house skills, our team’s depth of knowledge, and our comprehensive range of mechanical and electrical engineering services mean we can take your challenge and deliver a fully bespoke solution: From technical design where CAD models are created, and Finite Element Analysis can be performed, all the way through fabrication, installation, and commissioning, to after-sales maintenance.. Customers trust DRB to turn desired results into installed components.

Clients also benefit from our preventative and predictive maintenance surveys on all processing and manufacturing equipment. This flags potential future risk to your existing plant and helps keep new equipment working efficiently.

From access platforms enhancing employee safety, to multi-stage jigs and fixtures that improve scalability, DRB can support your needs.

If your existing plant could benefit from refurbishment to increase throughput, DRB have the capabilities to reverse-engineer and adapt existing setups.

We understand that up-time is critical. Our experienced electrical team will get you back on line.

We’re cereal roll specialists, manufacturing new rolls, and proven experience of extending the life-cycle of cereal rolls in operation.

If your business involves heavy processing, DRB will support your operations to keep production running effectively and efficiently.

Do you want to improve health and safety practices with more automation? Trust DRB to deliver attention to detail, reliability, and innovation.

With our experience, attention to detail and innovation, you can rely on DRB to provide refined, bespoke solutions for this precision-driven industry.

DRB has helped improve safety and efficiency for our rail customers, with bespoke maintenance and manufacturing support.

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