DRB have designed a solution to social distancing at event entrances, shopping centers, in built-up indoor areas such as the workplace, as well as train stations and airports. The Clear 3-5mm Polycarbonate or Perspex Acrylic Screens are durable, extremely versatile, and are very easy to clean.
Below is an example of how the screens can be used.

In the picture above there is also the design of an electromagnetic locking door system. The sturdy 20x20mm Aluminium frames can be easily fastened to the floor and the lightweight properties also allow for easy transportation and installation. They can be used as standalone or can be linked to more guards, therefore reducing the number of security staff members.
As a safety precaution, in the event of a fire the doors can be programmed to open permanently.
There is an option to easily customize the doors by adding a foot operated switch (instead of a press button to minimize touch contact) to operate an infrared medical thermometer, and/or implement hand sanitizing stations. Indication lights will then show green as the result of a ‘normal’ temperature being read, therefore resulting in the doors automatically unlocking and allowing the person to walk through.

If you would like to discuss solutions to help your workplace prevent the spread of Covid-19 speak to one of the DRB team on 01244 280280, or by contacting sales@drbgroup.co.uk

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