DRBs Engineers of the Future Academy

DRB hugely invests in young people by providing both short-term and long-term apprenticeships. The programmes involve a balance of both practise and theory.

DRB has implemented an advanced accredited apprenticeship training program with local Further Education Colleges and Universities, such as Coleg Cambria, Glyndwr University and Swansea University. We are committed to an annual intake of apprentices in several varied disciplines.

At DRB our award-winning apprenticeship scheme is something we are really proud of and our apprentices play an incredibly important role in the business. In fact, 15% of our workforce are either current or graduate apprentices, who are now at the forefront of producing technical and bespoke solutions to high quality DRB engineering standards for our industry leading customers.

We first started recruiting apprentices over 25 years ago in response to the shortage of skilled workers within the engineering industry, since then we have supported many people from the early first day of their apprenticeship right through to progressing to roles as senior engineers and managers.

Many of our apprentices come to us straight from local schools or FE colleges, and we work closely with our local colleges to develop effective processes and ensure that relevant skills which are needed in business are covered. DRB are constantly looking to develop long-life new partnerships to support the next generation of engineers.


Our Current Apprenticeships:

Higher Apprenticeship – Management/Office-based

Craft Apprenticeship – Workshop


We also like to promote our Apprentice Exchange Scheme with many of our clients. Ideally, we want to retain our apprentices, but we also recognise how important a wide range of experience is. Apprentice “swaps” with clients are one of the ways in which we have helped to offer our apprentices a broader experience, which enables them to improve their overall skills.

We also offer those still in full-time education work experience opportunities which can help young people to get a feel for what it might be like to work in a business like ours. On numerous occasions this has helped young people to make key decisions and has led to them joining our apprenticeship scheme.

Work Experience

DRB provides the best learning and working environment to produce world-class engineers of the future, that’s why we are committed to hosting regular individual and group work experiences.

Workshops & Educational Visits

Our colleagues value taking time away from their workspace to go out and educate and demonstrate to students what DRB do through practical workshops, learning sessions and showcasing presentations.


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