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At DRB group we are often tasked with solving unique problems. Our clients are varied and so are the many reasons they approach us. No two briefs are identical; the challenges, time frames and pressures each client faces are different and consequently the solutions are very different too, not to mention the process undertaken to reach the final solution.

With this in mind, adaptability from everyone involved is often key to achieving the best outcome. At DRB we pride ourselves on our approach to design. Our experienced teams of design engineers work closely with clients and with each other, from the initial enquiry through to completion of any project.  They meet regularly to discuss projects and share their ideas and expertise.

At DRB Group our expansive in-house mechanical and electrical engineering skills mean that we have individuals with different skills and experience. Combining those to look at a design or engineering problem means it can be explored from a range of angles.

Where clients are in a position to work with us and be adaptable to new ideas and approaches this is often when the best results are achieved. Combining real world experience, new ideas and cutting-edge technology, such as the latest 3D modelling software to simulate real-world scenarios, can lead to innovative ideas which develop into the very best solutions.

Another reason why an adaptable approach is important is because challenges can arise during the design process, whether at blueprint stage or further along in the process. This is rarely a problem but can require some lateral thinking. If all parties are open to alternative approaches then solutions are always found and the opportunities are often endless.

A great example of the design and problem-solving process leading to a solution which was beyond expectations is our recent work for a rail customer. The client had an issue with the process they were using to remove wheels. Not only did the solution increase efficiency dramatically but it also led to safer working practices.  Find out more here.

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