Do you have a temporary scaffolding structure in your plant to provide access? 

Have you considered replacing it with an access platform?

Recently our dedicated team manufactured and installed an access platform for one of our major customers as they did not have suitable scaffolding in place.

The platform took just 10 weeks to design, manufacture and install. The customer’s work has been made easier; in fact, they are so happy with the difference it has made that they are now commissioning another 10!

Using scaffolding is commonplace to access machinery and equipment but it is rarely the best long-term solution. At DRB we have replaced lots of scaffolds by installing access platforms for clients in a range of different environments and the result is always a huge improvement!

Benefits can include:

  • Improved health and safety
  • A stronger more durable structure
  • Designed and created to meet specific requirements
  • No legal requirement for regular scaffolding inspections
  • A reduction in maintenance
  • Money saving – access platforms are more cost-effective over time
  • A more professional appearance

If you are using scaffolding get in touch to discuss how we could help with a bespoke replacement. Give us a call on 01244 280 280.

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