Providing First-Class Engineering Excellence since 1976.

DRB Group are long-established and trusted engineering pioneers, who optimise operational efficiencies by integrating technical intelligence with practical experience to deliver heavy operational solutions, and perform high enterprise-level services to a wide range of industries and market-leading customers.

Our expert in-house team of credible and highly-qualified Engineers and Designers nurture their technical intelligence, practical experience, and proactive style to conquer any complex operational requirement to meet your high industry standards. We can react quickly to the external challenges and sensitive market conditions your operations are currently facing with highly supportive systems.

DRB Group can consult, recommend, and implement the right measurements needed to minimise any process disruptions. With confidence, we can deliver innovative yet effective made-to-order solutions and services that allow you to meet your operational objectives. Whether it’s a unique or common operational challenge, we face all customer challenges with dedication and commitment.

We foster a continuous improvement approach, each of our customer requirements and their operations are unique. Involving ourselves into a diverse range of engineering challenges ultimately, allowing us to natural progress to new capabilities and new industries that we can perform in.

From full consultation to completion, using DRB Group for world-class engineering services means you can become high-performance operators in your industry.

As an ever-evolving and constantly growing company, the number of capabilities we can provide continues to expand, allowing us to reach new heights and be even more versatile and diverse in what we can provide to your operations.

Our physical growth and continuous investment on the factory floor, means we can be bespoke in our methodology and application to meet your specific operational requirements. This is why we can take on such a huge variety of unique engineering challenges.


DRB Power and Transmissions was established by David (Dave) Roy Bennett on Chester’s Newry Park

Our People

DRB Group is an equal opportunity employer. All our employees and applicants will be considered for opportunity and rewards without attention to race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age and disability status.

We are proud members of the Living Wage Foundation.

DRB Group are committed to the following:

  • Creating and nurturing an environment of success based on honest and integrity.
  • Equitable sharing in the success of the company.
  • Empowerment through training and communication.
  • Individual growth and equal opportunity.
  • Designing and providing a safe and secure work environment.

Meet Our Senior Team 

Matt Bennett


Dragos Ciordas

Technical Director

Barry O’Loughlin

Finance Director

Mike Halliday

Head of Engineering

Sean Ashton

Head of Operations

Julie Grant

Head of Customer Relations

Alison Dunbar

Head of Administration

Employee Training

DRB Group continue to regularly review and monitor the training requirements of all personnel. The development of employees and the investment in training is paramount to the continued growth of our business and its commitment to exceptional quality that meets the highest of industry standards.

All employee feedback is recorded and monitored within our business matrix,  DRB Group are constantly looking for any potential areas of improvement and communicate with all employees of the company when changes and developments are made.

We are proud to have recently launched our DRB Group Customer Service Improvement Scheme.

As a responsible, service-providing company, DRB are striving to become recognised as customer-focused and people-centred leaders in the UK Engineering Industry. We hope that by implementing this scheme into a monitored, internal and corporate procedure, it will increase our transparency and facilitate in achieving our goals for 2022.

DRB Group are committed to a continuous improvement approach and believe intaking our customers in a quarterly questionnaire will allow us to continue to be trusted, reliable and even more exceptional.

We want our valued customers to know that we have listened, read and discussed their feedback and going forward, all developments and improvements made will be communicated back to each participant.

Training Programmes

Regular training through highly-recognised programmes means our people can continue to deliver high-quality services.

  • Confined Space
  • Pruftechnik Laser Alignment
  • AEMT – Repair and Overhaul Equipment used in Explosive Atmospheres

Safety & Quality

We strive to exceed the standards set for quality, health, safety, and environment. Our priorities are to operate as a zero lost-time-incident workplace and provide exceptional care, safety and health to all our employees and customers.

We continue to identify and eliminate any potential hazards and minimise the probability of incidents resulting in personal injuries, illnesses, damage to property and the environment. We actively encourage staff and visitors on DRB Group site and on our supplier and client sites to report unsafe or potentially harmful practices.

Our policies are reviewed annually to monitor effectiveness and to ensure continual improvement.

Certifications & Accreditations

We are thrilled to hold a portfolio of internationally recognised certifications and accreditations that allow us to showcase our credibility as being world-class engineering solutions and service providers.

Our Commitments

Vision Statement
To be the UK’s most trusted provider of engineering excellence.
Mission Statement
Totally integrated engineering services, delivered through a track record of proven customer service using technical intelligence coupled with practical experience. To innovate, create, deliver, and exceed expectations all the time, every time. To build a person-centered culture, driven by pride, passion, and high performance.


Environmental Sustainability

Our Objectives
We feel we are making huge strides towards becoming a more environmentally friendly business. We are aware changes need to be made, and are therefore working towards the accreditation of ISO-14001 Environmental Management System Certification.
DRB Group holds strong and long-term partnerships with many of our sustainable customers. We are proud to be at the forefront of designing and engineering bespoke projects and products that improve our customer’s environmental standards within their operational processes. We are heavily involved in producing recycling systems that reduce waste pollution and at the same time implement stages within these systems which allow damaged products to be recycled back onto the line.
Supply Chain & Partnerships

Working ethically alongside our suppliers and partners is critical to developing our long-term successes, strong relations, and continuing to build an outstanding reputation. Developing together enhances the ethical and environmental standards we are constantly striving for, by sharing our values and approaches to these standards, we can perform best practices collectively.
Suppliers are evaluated, verified, measured & controlled in accordance with DRB Group Vendor control procedures relating to the Quality Management Procedures of ISO9001-2015.
Staff Training

All our employees are given a yearly updated digital learning package explaining our responsibility and commitment to the Modern Slavery Act and Human Trafficking Act. All our new employees receive a new starter package as part of the induction into the company which includes our core values and what we stand for as a legally responsible business.
Our code of conduct is verbally communicated to all employees at DRB and is also transmitted in writing and presented on a range of internal corporate guidelines on site. Our code of conduct contains rules that are intended to make certain that our business practices act by the law. It also addresses how we comply with our partners in the supply chain to certify they work with us both ethically and legally.

At DRB Group we are committed to being an anti-racist company, we have a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination.
We are a company that welcomes anyone from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs and pride ourselves in showcasing the huge diverse workforce we have. DRB Group makes sure there is equal investment, support, and opportunities for all our employees because we believe in the huge potential of each employee and want them to strive and succeed in their capabilities.
Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking

We approach our dealings with our customers, suppliers, and partners with responsible behaviour and lawful business practice. DRB Group is obligated to comply with all applicable legislation and regulations. We make clear that DRB is AGAINST all forms of modern slavery and human trafficking and continue to make sure we operate in a legally safe working environment and all recruitment is performed using the correct procedure.
Our Code of Conduct teaches our colleagues, customers, business partners, and the environment in which we drive. It states the criteria of behaviours we tolerate and helps us act appropriately and with integrity in our business activities and maintain an approach to our day-to-day work that is both ethical and respects the law.


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